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Ecolodge project available in Barranquilla, Coto Brus, in front of the third largest waterfall in Costa Rica, Metaponto, which has a 180 meter drop. This property has line-of-sight views of the waterfall as well as ocean view. 


Consisting of 4 cabinas including a main house on 27,000 m2. The main cabin has two rooms and 1 bathroom, with an additional bathroom back in the mountain. Water and electric are set up. The mountain has trails set up and a cave more tthan 30 meters deep.


Just 4.5 kilometers from supermarkets and shops, with roads in great condition. This opportunity is not only great for an Ecolodge project, but also for a family home. 


Fruit trees on the property include:

2 anona

8 Soncoya

10 Guanabana1

5 Guava

2 Hawaiian Guava

8 Avocado

10 Handle

30 strains of sugar cane

100 Bananas

20 Citrus

2 Jabotica

2 Jackfruit

2 nispero

5 mamon

1 grape

1 dwarf star

1 yuplon.enano

2 cas

2 mangostan

30 pipas

1 carambola

1 peach

5 exotic fruits

2 water apple

2 green te

a2 cocoa

3 pejibaye

100 tiquisque


There are also over 30 medicinal plants, 100 palm trees and ornamentals, bamboo, indian cane, red cane, and more the 100 trees of different woods including hard woods: cedars, pines, euchalyptus, bark, cachimbo, paulowinia and more. Over 1.5 hectareas of a secondary mountain and planted with these trees and vegetation. 


This property is one that you must see to feel the energy, listen to the waterfall, and watch the more than 400 species of birds fly. 

Wasisana Ecolodge - Puntarenas