What’s included:
Property - physical structures and utilities
Turn-key retreat business 
Landscaping and Green Zones

36 acres
1 manzana that is the spring (is in a separate corporation)

48 solar panels tied into the grid
Electricity with underground copper wiring
Fiber optic Internet using routers and antennas for Wifi throughout the campus
2 year-round springs with pumps and water storage systems, sufficiently sized for a retreat center and swimming pool
none of them are concessioned
1 is not even on the registro, so it is secreted away from the government!  It is our primary water system.
Biodigestor septic unit sized for 70.  Plus, a regular sept system at the Parrot house.  
Community access to a mine for the road material.  We are a self-sufficient community that can tend to our own road maintenance with our own road material.  [You will inherit the responsibility of maintaining the mine and overseeing the annual road maintanance.]

Physical Structures
Main House.  2 stories, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bath.  Open-air structure.  Dry room.  
Communal Dining Hall with kitchen, dining room, sitting area, bathroom, office, storage and air conditioned food storage room. Open air structure. Palmex roof.
Parrot House. 4 beds/1 bath, living room and kitchen.  Tico Style with cobb walls.
7 guest bedrooms contained within 5 independent cabins.  Each guest room has a bedroom, private bathroom and balcony.  Two sets of guest bedrooms are side-by-side, duplex style under the same roof.  The others are stand-alone cabins.  Wood construction with zinc roofs.
Spa.  Stand alone round structure contains a therapy room and bathroom.
Greenhouse.  XL, fully functional greenhouse with compost, worm bin and lots of abundance.
Bodega.  This workspace includes laundry, a locked room for tools and machinery and is the employee work area.  
Yoga rancho.  Octagonal shaped, open-air rancho with bathroom. Palmex roof.
Swimming Pool.  16 m long (16,000 gallons) with infinite views and pump house.  We maintain the pool using a UV light and hydrogen peroxide or UV light with low chlorine levels.  It can also operate as a regular chlorinated pool.  Ferocement construction.   
Banana hut.
Linen closet that is also the handicap bathroom.

Kia 2700 Pickup truck. 2013.  Has seating for 6 people and big bed for all our hauling needs. 
Kia Bongo 3 2009.  This is a 15 passenger mini-bus.  It was a flat-bed, 4x4, turbo, truck.  We converted the flat bed into a bus.  

Turn-Key Retreat and Hotel Business
Bed frames, mattresses, tables, desks, chairs, sofas, cabinets, rocking chairs, pool furniture, massage table…
Kitchen and dining supplies
All the pots and pans and dishes, kitchen tools and appliances, etc.
2 washing machines.  2 dryers.  1 AC unit.  3 refrigerators.  1 ice chest.  1 industrial oven/stove.  1 domestic oven/stove.  1 dehydrator. 2 Vitamixes.  1 robo coupe food processor. 1 green star elite juicer.  Lorezenti electric shower heater in each shower. 1 hot water heater at the house.  1 stereo and speaker system in the dining hall.  
Tools and Machinery.  
1 chipper. 1 picadora (shared with neighbor Eric).  1 air compressor.  1 water pressure gun. 2 weed wackers.  1 chainsaw.  1 backpack sprayer (gas).
Yoga and spa supplies
Matts, blankets, blocks, straps.
Massage table sheets and 7 tibetan bowls
Sheets, blankets, bedspreads, pillows, massage table sheets, table runners, tapestries, etc…
Employee team.  
Our employees are prepared to transition with the new owners.  These guys know how to maintain this farm and all it’s features, plus they hold important historical knowledge of the farm (aka where the electric lines are buried, the last time the septic was cleaned etc.)
1 head employee.  1.5 farm employees.  1.5 maids.  

Landscaping, Fruit Trees and Green Zones
Fruit Tree Orchards.  Over 400 fruit trees in the ground and healthy.  Over 80 varieties of different fruit.
Ornamental gardens and trails throughout the campus
Outdoor sitting areas, including 4 platforms (for yoga, infinite views), benches, swing set...
Trails through the forest with an exercise and viewing wood platform.
Cool water soak pool at a freshwater spring (this is a part-time spring, not related to water utilities)
Root vegetable gardens

Established Costa Rica Retreat Center