Aguas Sagradas is a 78 acre organic fruit farm & off-grid retreat center in the jungles of Costa Rica.

⁣This incredible property features a large river that leads to a large, beautiful, private waterfall known as Peace Falls. On the land you will find a flat garden the size of a football field, a building site with 360 degree views, a community house, and 2 cabins. There are several more ideal home sites on the property, which could easily be subdivided. This farm holds the headwaters to two natural springs and four spring-fed creeks that gravity feed down to the homesites. The farm is rich in water!


This farm is perfect for an eco-village or retreat center, and has hosted many permaculture retreats, aquaponic courses, women's gatherings, and yoga retreats. It is off grid, equipped with a solar system for the house, has end of the road privacy with no street lights. All you can hear is the sound of the creek flowing, and the river. The best part is there is a trail to take you directly to Nauyaca, considered by many to be the most beautiful waterfall in Costa Rica, by foot or horse from the land.


The farm is planted with hundreds of producing organic fruit trees, like Guanabana, Mamon Chinos, Jack Fruit, bananas, Noni, Durian, Acerola, Anona's and so many more. This farm is planted full of cocoa trees, vanilla, and a turmeric plantation. With greenhouses, fertile soil, and the perfect climate for growing all kinds of vegetables, greens, herbs, flowers, and fruits, this land is a farmer's dream! 

78 Acre Organic Farm & Retreat Center


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